• Coventry
    13h - Drive Duration
    All day London
  • Coventry
    1h 20m - Drive Duration
    Alton Towers
  • Coventry
    30m - Drive Duration
    Drayton Manor
  • Coventry
    1h 5m - Drive Duration
    West Mids Safari
  • Coventry
    45m - Drive Duration
    Cadburys World
  • Coventry
    2h 55m - Drive Duration
    Lake District
  • Coventry
    1h 40m - Drive Duration
    Peak District
  • Coventry
    1h - Drive Duration
    Bicester Village
  • Coventry
    2h 45m - Drive Duration
    Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Coventry
    3h - Drive Duration
    Bournemouth Pleasure Beach
  • Coventry
    35m - Drive Duration
    Sea Life Center
  • Coventry
    2h 20m - Drive Duration
  • Coventry
    2h 35m - Drive Duration
    Skegness Beach
  • Coventry
    1h 45m - Drive Duration
    Water World
  • Coventry
    45m - Drive Duration
    Twycross Zoo
  • Coventry
    1h 50m - Drive Duration
    Thorpe Park
  • Coventry
    1h 40m - Drive Duration
    Lego Land
  • Coventry
    20m - Drive Duration
    Warwick Castle
  • Coventry
    - 3 Day - Scotland Tour - Please send us an enquiry, or alternatively we can create a competitively priced travel itinerary for you.
  • Coventry
    - 5 Day - Scotland Tour - Please send us an enquiry, or alternatively we can create a competitively priced travel itinerary for you.

We cover road trips to all of Europe and Ireland to from Coventry and surrounding areas, competitive prices, knowledgeable and easy going drivers, with modern spacious vehicles to accommodate all your needs.

The above travel times are purely an estimate and can vary on the day of departure, with factors such as time of the day, weather conditions and whether it's a weekday or a weekend, so always plan ahead.

Apart from tour packages and the trip to all day London, all prices above are one way only and include a same day return discount. If your booking requires an MPV 7 seater vehicle, please add an additional £15.00 to the above price.

Parking/congestion/toll fees will be charged where applicable and the price above offers one pickup/drop off location, with there being a minimum £5.00 charge per additional pickup/drop off.

Price Match
Clean Vehicles
Free Child Seat
Complimentary Water
Neck Pillow
Blue Sky Taxis Leicester is a reputable, reliable and professional airport and long distance taxi service, based in the heart of Leicester and covering neighbouring area’s within the midlands, Loughborough, Coventry, Derby and Nottingham, at competitive prices, using modern and clean vehicles. Our services operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are also experienced in providing bespoke and tailored tour guides, offering sightseeing of Britain’s beautiful coastlines to the picturesque hills of the North.

So, allow us to take the stress out of travelling and get in touch today for a comfortable journey, whilst becoming part of a growing satisfied customer base where we provide journeys you can trust.